Organize and Enjoy Your Wood River Valley Event

A complete event and ticketing platform built for the Wood River Valley

Event Ticketing

Digital, paper or check-in by name at the door, we make it easy.

Event & Guest Management

Free and paid events, customizable event pages, guest lists and ticket templates plus onsite tools for sales, check-in and troubleshooting

Integrated & Secure Payments

Secure payment processing, pricing and tax tools and the best value for you and your customers

Local Fun, Local Run

Real People

We are located in the WRV and you can expect to speak to us when you have questions or need help.

Real Local

Wood River Tickets is dedicated to supporting and promoting only events for our area. Makes searching easier, enables us to provide better support and create more exciting content and products.

Real Fun

A better way to help hosts focus on the stuff they love and neighbors and visitors find the good times only available in our Valley.

Your Complete Event and Ticketing Command Center

Easily post your event and sell your tickets. As an event host, you can create unlimited events and unlimited tickets, both free and paid. We make the process of creating and selling tickets easy and give you the tools you need to verify tickets and validate your guest lists onsite. Spend more time adding your touches to your event while managing the details and selling tickets like a pro.

Let's Go!

Event Pages and Ticket Sales

Create an event page with your images and content and provide necessary instructions for your event.

Customer and Order Management

Easily look up orders, create new orders and keep up with customers and their order history.

Reporting and Analytics

Event day dashboards, ticket pricing tools, customer tracking and general event metrics.

Onsite Check-In, Sales and Guest List Management

Scan it, look it up or sell - you have what you need with you on event day.